Your Options

You can add coverage to Original Medicare or choose a Medicare Advantage plan instead.
Once you have Original Medicare (Parts A & B), you’ll be eligible to get additional insurance through private Insurance companies. These private insurance companies absorb the 20% that Original Medicare doesn’t cover; some have monthly premiums and others are $0 premiums.
There are different times through the year and events, that make it possible for you to enroll. We can walk you through the enrollment times

Medicare Supplement/Medigap:

Original Medicare is a federal insurance program that provides guaranteed health insurance for people age 65 and older and for younger people who qualify because of a disability. More commonly known as Original Medicare or Traditional Medicare, the program refers to the first two parts of Medicare, Part A and Part B.

Medicare Advantage Plans/Part C:

These plans are also offered by private insurance companies and offer coverage for things Original Medicare doesn’t cover. These plans typically include, your drug plan, dental, hearing and vision. These plans are also known as Part C, they combine Parts A, B and most include Part D(drugs). You’ll also find many plans include a gym membership and money towards Over The Counter products.

It’s important to know, in order to be eligible for a Supplement or Medicare Advantage Plan, you must always start with Original Medicare. As mentioned previously, in most cases Part A is a $0 premium and the Part B premium this year is $164.90, but based on your income you might pay higher.

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